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Enhancing the QSR Experience

What is Tempo

Tempo revolutionizes the quick service restaurant industry, as an all-inclusive self-service kiosk. Containing all the tools needed to take your QSR to the next level, designed as an off- the-shelf solution, including both the hardware and software your restaurant needs to enhance your operation at an affordable price.

 Included in this limited edition package is Juke Slot’s total control digital menu application, Oublié Accessibility and translation software, packaged inside a sleek, stand-up Android-based kiosk,all while displaying your digital menu on a HD 22-inch monitor and accepting secure payments through an EMV chip and pin system. Call today to learn how you can implement this new technology at your QSR at an affordable price.

Allow Tempo to Enhance your QSR Operation

Tempo QSR can automate up-sell and bundling, driven by a powerful analytical package that drives the best performance. You can even integrate Tempo QSR with your existing point-of-sales system.

Discover how the Tempo QSR system can help your restaurant make ordering and payment faster and easier than ever. Contact us for your demo.

Discover how the Tempo QSR system can help your restaurant make ordering and payment faster and easier than ever. Contact us for your demo!


Know More

The heart of Juke Slot’s revolutionary POS systems is an interactive restaurant menu engine that makes it easy to showcase your food and beverages in the best possible way — visually. Thanks to photos and specifics about nutritional content, ingredients and possible food allergens, your guests can make better-informed ordering decisions, without relying on your staff to know every detail about every dish.

The backend is intuitive and simple, so you and your staff can create, edit and maintain menus with ease, schedule discounts, and even track tips. Add seasonal items quickly and seamlessly. Change prices with a few taps. Feature daily specials with all the same rich content your permanent menu enjoys. Juke Slot lets you maintain a dynamic menu and special items quickly and easily and can even integrate with your existing POS system.

Your restaurant’s employees are coached to upsell, but do they know which side item sells best with each entrée, or what the best times and conditions are to suggest a shake instead of a soda?

Juke Slot’s products include sophisticated restaurant analytics that help you determine the best ways to incorporate suggestive selling, upselling and bundling to best increase sales and customer satisfaction, all while integrating with your current point-of-sale. The design also analyzes previous sales daily to determine your best-selling items.

Learn how JukeSlot’s POS solutions can improve your restaurant’s bottom line with thoughtful upselling and insightful data analytics. Schedule a demo today.

One of the biggest impacts JukeSlot’s revolutionary POS systems make is giving customers confidence in payment security, as well as payment on demand! When guests spend time waiting for their check at the end of a meal, that’s time wasted. Your restaurant’s seats aren’t generating additional revenue after guests finish eating. And they don’t get any value out of the experience during those minutes, either.

With our payment-on-demand features in the EMV-certified Juke Slot kiosk solutions, you give guests their time back — and can sooner seat new guests who are ready to order.

Additionally, payment on demand eliminates the possibility of credit card fraud. With self-payment, there’s no chance for credit card fraud to occur, mitigating an expensive and aggravating problem.

A faster, more secure payment process is just the beginning. Schedule a demo today, and see all the ways Juke Slot can help your restaurant thrive.

Juke Slot is more than just a self-ordering point-of-sale system. It’s also a full restaurant management system that puts your entire floor at your fingertips. With it, you can change prices and schedule promotional discounts on demand.

You can also use our POS solution to add, subtract and modify menu items. Need to substitute an ingredient? Replace it seamlessly on your menu.

Through the floor management functionality, you can monitor all of your kiosks and tablets at a glance, evaluating individual performance and battery life remotely.

You can also use it to track the gratuities earned by your service staff.

Juke Slot’s systems can help your restaurant run better and make a real difference in revenue, loyalty and satisfaction. Schedule your demo today.

Product Overview



  • 4G Module
  • Android OS
  • 22-inch. Touchscreen
  • Fun Entertainment
  • EMV Chip and Pin


  • DIY Application
  • ADA Compliant
  • Scratch Resistance
  • Long Lasting Durability
  • Sleek and Lightweight


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