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Give your guests and staff the control they deserve! Pay-on-demand, order-on-demand, as well as the ease of adding and removing menu items. Total control leads to shorter wait times, faster table turnover, and increase in sales!

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Featured Articles
" Juke Slot is one of the newer players in the kiosk market."They’re going to stay hungry; they’re a brand new company, they’re not going to become complacent, they’re going to constantly try to evolve," Pallino said. "I felt more comfortable with them than I did with anybody else."
Anthony PallinoOwner of Li Pourhouse Bar and Grill
Kiosks with the sort of interface Juke Slot offers not only can prevent mistakes, but also can increase business by building relationships with new clientele
Emily Ann FriedbergDeaf and Hard of Hearing teacher of Atlanta School for the Deaf
Juke Slot's Oublié technology bridges a long-standing communication gap within the restaurant industry
Jimmy PetersonExecutive Director of the Georgia Center of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Because Pale Eddie’s doesn’t have a kitchen, and the cost for adding a kitchen– a tab that would total roughly $200,000 – would take too big of a bite from our bar’s profits, we instead added Juke Slot kiosks, They allow customers to order food from the restaurant across the street while in our bar
Pat Sanford Owner of Rogue Tavern
Fast food, dine-in and carry out – any restaurant – within the next five years should look at switching to Juke Slot kiosk
Roly PolyMatt Macke

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