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Technology has revolutionized the quick service restaurant (QSR) industry in recent years. One of the latest trends, self-ordering kiosk, is significantly changing the dining experience across North American eateries.

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Table side ordering

Using innovative technology, Table side ordering through self-ordering kiosks gives customers greater control over their dining experience. From self-ordering to pay-at-the-table capabilities, the solutions provide restaurants opportunities for attracting more diners and generating additional revenue.

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Multi-purpose POS

Point-of-sale systems provide an array of benefits for restaurants throughout North America. Technology has magnified the capability of such networks, enabling them to play a key role in increasing sales, spotting restaurant trends and monitoring resources.

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Learn 5 Reasons Restaurants Fail

Learn 5 Reasons Restaurants Fail

Why Restaurants Implement Kiosk

  • Reduce Operating Cost
  • Expedite Orders
  • Increase Order Accuracy
  • Provide Additional Entertainment
  • Allow Guest Control
  • Increase Sales
self ordering kiosk - table side ordering kiosks for restaurants

Streamline Operations

  • Expedite Orders
  • Reduce Customer Wait Time
  • Optimize Staff Productivity

Total Control

  • Discount Scheduling
  • Instant Menu Changes
  • Mobile Menu Management
  • Analytical Data Tracking

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